A new conceptual study on the Baba revitalisation is entering its fourth phase

A meeting took place at the beginning of January 2022 between the conceptual study sponsor (Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital City of Prague), the study developer (architectural studio ARCHUM architects), project partners (Prague 6 and Prague specific samples of road surfaces have already been submitted for assessment with reference to the site’s […]

Revitalisation of public spaces in the Baba housing estate in Prague – Results of distance participatory discussion with the public (Spring 2021) Revitalisation of public spaces in the Baba housing estate in Prague – Results of distance participatory discussion with the public (Spring 2021)

You can download the analysis of the first questionnaire survey on Baba by using the following link https://www.iprpraha.cz/sidlistebaba. There are also links to Internet map applications, which you can embed on your site as an “iframe” – they contain raw data from the questionnaire. Further work will now be carried out on the analysis data and […]


Mrs. Suzanne Munk Ragen, the daughter of the investors of the first villa in Baba, the Munks, provided her authentic text entitled “The house in Baba where I was born.” By Suzanne Ragen It is odd to write a memoir about a house that has no first hand memory for me. But I was born […]

“The world will kneel down before Baba”

A drawing by the unique architect Ladislav Žák appeared in the archives of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Between 1933 and 1948, Karel Herain was the Museum’s director and his stunning villa was designed by this architect.

Letter EHL sites Werkbund Estates in Europe 1927-1932

On this date, the European Commission recognised the Baba estate as a European He Dear Mr. Herbert Medek,I have the pleasure to inform you that the European Commission has awarded the Werkbund Estates in Europe the European Heritage Label. The European Heritage Label aims to enhance people’s, and especially young people’s,understanding and appreciation of the […]

The choice of the graphic manual

The graphic manual of visual style, including the logotype by Jan Šabach, is based on the interwar graphic work of the Bauhaus. The logo resembles the houses themselves on Baba with their flat roofs and belt windows. It is also inspired by the original iconic visual style used in the promotion of Baba by Ladislav […]

“On the way to modernity. Werkbund Estates 1927-1932”

The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Poland, curated a significant exhibition from 31 May to 5 June 2016. It was called “On the way to modernity. Werkbund Estates 1927-1932”, and it presented all six unique European housing estates, including Baba, in one place for the first time. The exhibition catalogue included a text written by […]

Comprehensive Guide to the Baba Housing Estate is Out

In 2013, the FOIBOS publishing house cooperated with the Prague 6 City District in publishing Great Villas of the Prague 6 Baba Housing Estate 1932-1936, dedicated to an important interwar activity of the Association of the Czechoslovak Werkbund, the exhibition and realisation of the Baba Housing Estate in Prague, which ranked among the greatest achievements […]