The results of discussions with the public on the Baba housing estate revitalisation will be published in the latter half of October 2021

30. 9. 2021 and 7. 10. 2021 As part of the participatory process, an authors’ feedback meeting regarding the new conceptual study on the Baba housing estate revitalisation took place with the inhabitants of the Baba area. Therefore, the authors gave the public the opportunity to comment on the intended changes and modifications related to transport, waste, road restoration, lighting with an emphasis on improving Baba’s public space not just for its inhabitants, but also for visitors to this award-winning locality. There was a large turnout for the debate which was very dynamic and occasionally stormy, but the authors managed to bring together a large number of opinions and suggestions, which they will continue to work on in the study of the site’s revitalisation. More information at //