A new conceptual study on the Baba revitalisation is entering its fourth phase

A meeting took place at the beginning of January 2022 between the conceptual study sponsor (Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital City of Prague), the study developer (architectural studio ARCHUM architects), project partners (Prague 6 and Prague specific samples of road surfaces have already been submitted for assessment with reference to the site’s original character, however, taking into account the current needs of residents and visitors and the specifics of the site. The designs of public lighting will complement the character of the settlement undisturbedly at the time of its creation; however, they meet the new parameters of economical lighting for public spaces with the possibility of regulating light radiation and smog.

There is a consensus that these necessary adjustments should be modern, minimalist in nature, but designed with respect for Baba’s historical heritage.

The study’s origin is currently entering its fourth phase, which is the project’s final presentation at a public meeting with the area’s inhabitants.

Complete information on the conceptual study at https://www.iprpraha.cz/sidlistebaba.