The House of Václav Řezáč

The economical single-floor house, with a flat roof fully utilisable as a sundeck, designed by Vojtěch Kerhart for the writer Václav Řezáč, was an example of practical and economical living for the middle class. Its style references similar designs at the Vienna exhibition of the Austrian Werkbund. The original house was debased by later building modifications.

Václav Řezáč

Václav Řezáč (1901-1956) was one of the most renowned personalities of the Czech psychological novel. He survived the occupation by writing for the children’s section of the Lidové noviny newspaper, and in 1948, he became one of the main pro-regime writers in the name of the new socialist literary model. He was the director of the “Český spisovatel” publishing house from 1949 until 1956, when he committed suicide.

Vojtěch Kerhart