The House of PhDr. Václav and Jarmila Maule

Contrary to the customs of all the other model houses in Baba, Josef Gočár positioned the living space of the house for Václav Maule, the department head of the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment, on a raised ground floor and there was a large living room and a bedroom upstairs. He thus offered the inhabitants of the villa a more stunning view of the Prague panorama from an elongated living space lined with a strip of windows. The house belongs among the four more comfortable villas in Baba and is characteristic of Gočár’s stylish elegance.

PhDr. Václav Stanislav Maule

PhDr. Václav Stanislav Maule (1884-1945) was the head of the department of universities from 1937; he translated Brehm’s Life of Animals and Frank Hurley’s Pearls and Savages and he also contributed to the bulletin of the Royal Czech Society of Sciences. He was a member of the Czechoslovak Werkbund and participated actively in the preparation of the Baba estate exhibition. In 1944, he was taken to the Terezín concentration camp. He returned to his wife Jarmila and to Baba in May 1945 and died of typhus soon afterwards.

Josef Gočár