The House of František Joska

The winner of a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925 and the owner of a restoration and decoration company, František Joska, wanted a multiple-family house. As with the Lisý House, the floor layout is repeated. On the top floor, the size of the terrace area is significantly reduced in favour of the third, albeit smaller, housing unit. In this case, the reinforced concrete structure as the new functionalist element is replaced by a traditional brick structure.

František Joska

František Joska, the construction investor, accepted a very reasonable offer from the Kavalír brothers, according to which he subsequently undertook to do all the painting work on all their constructions in Baba. However, because of health issues, he could not keep to his end of the contract, and he was forced to sell the house for CZK 300,000 in 1939.

Jaroslav Fišer

Karel Fišer