The House of Cyril Bouda

Oldřich Starý designed a house with a studio and an adjoining room for etching works for the painter and graphic artist Cyril Bouda. He connected the two-level studio with the living space by using a sliding wall and, in addition, he also connected it with the garden using a progressive outdoor staircase.

Cyril Bouda

In 1930, Cyril Bouda (1901-1984) married Eva Šimonová, the daughter of T. F. Šimon, for whom the painter worked as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. During the 1930s, Cyril Bouda won a number of prestigious awards both at home and abroad, e.g. the national Schmidt Prize for Graphics, an honourable mention at an international competition in New York, or the Grand Prix for book art at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1937, and later recognition as a national artist. The Bouda family is still living in the house to this day.

Oldřich Starý