The House of Karel Balling

Hana Kučerová-Záveská, and her first design of two houses in Baba, was commissioned by Karel Balling. The villa clearly displays her vision of the individual living of middle-class families with children. She was a great advocate of practical living, with an emphasis on sanitariness and safety, including modern gadgets, such as gas and electric stoves which allowed women to work as efficiently as possible. The house was also equipped with a dumb waiter and home phone. The ground floor layout includes a study, living room and dining room connected to the garden by a glass wall and a staircase. The first floor, with the bedrooms, was equipped with a dressing room and a corner sunroom. The roof is designed to serve as a sundeck. Unfortunately, in her short life, the talented architect and designer would only finish two house designs – the Balling House and the Suk House.

Karel Balling

The composer Karel Balling (1889-1972) was one of the prominent figures of the legendary “Red Seven” (“Červená sedma”) cabaret. He composed stage music for the Vinohrady Theatre and wrote many popular dance compositions for the Lucerna and Rokoko cabarets. From 1922, he was the chief director of the Copyright Protection Association. He compiled and wrote the first Czech handbooks teaching the banjo (Škola hry na banjo) and the ukulele (Škola hry na ukulele).

Hana Kučerová-Záveská