The House of Ing. Karel Dovolil

Pavel Janák designed the two-generation house for his friend and a great advocate of functionalism, Karel Dovolil. He made excellent use of the slope of the terrain when positioning the house facilities, investor’s office, and a small apartment for the caretaker. The roof of the separate garage also serves as a terrace connected to the balcony of the room. This terrace is connected to the garden by a steel staircase. The front façade facing the street has windows, unlike the other houses.

Karel Dovolil

In 1932, Ing. Karel Dovolil (1899-1955) moved into his new home with his wife Jarmila and first daughter, also called Jarmila. His wife Jarmila was a bold and active woman for that time. To her, the functionalist-style window to the kitchen seemed to provide insufficient light, so despite Janák’s proposal, she negotiated with the workmen to enlarge the window, which surprised her husband when he came home from work. The famous architect was hurt by this purely practical female decision. In the Protectorate period, like many other Jewish residents of the villas, Karel Dovolil had to face bullying from his infamous neighbour in Baba, the Czech Nazi Bautz, but he was also forced to close down his engineering practice. He worked for his brother-in-law in his paper company until nationalisation. However, he was not allowed to continue in his line of business. He worked as a water manager at VODOTECHNA until his sudden death. His daughters Jarmila and Hana still live in this unique two-generation house in Baba today.

Pavel Janák