The House of Bohumil Čeněk

The house for Professor Bohumil Čeněk is the second construction by Ladislav Žák in Baba which was aimed at creating a standard small family house. However, he managed to create an exceptional villa with a front façade with a highly original appearance using a ship’s window. The architect was undoubtedly fascinated by Le Corbusier’s view of the house as a machine for living, which he enriched with “nautical shapes” inspired by the architect Hans Scharoun. Žák also designed an extension of the garage in the 1930s, and later, the architect Jíra expanded the sunroom with another glass-walled living space.

Prof. Bohumil Čeněk

The music theory professor Bohumil Čeněk (1869-1960) dedicated his whole life to music pedagogy and the methodology of singing. In 1939, he received the gold medal of the Czechoslovak Singers’ Community for his work.

Ladislav Žák