European Heritage Label

Commissioner for Innovation, Research,
Culture, Education and Youth

Dear Mr. Herbert Medek,
I have the pleasure to inform you that the European Commission has awarded the Werkbund
Estates in Europe the European Heritage Label.
The European Heritage Label aims to enhance people’s, and especially young people’s,
understanding and appreciation of the European Union’s shared and diverse heritage and
contributes to strengthening European citizens’ sense of belonging to the Union.
Raising awareness of the European significance of the Werkbund Estates in Europe and
raising the profile and attractiveness of this site on a European scale, can bring significant
cultural, social and economic benefits. The activities the Werkbund Estates in Europe will
implement, in particular those for young people, will enable them to better understand the
European Union’s history through this symbolic site.
I congratulate you for the Werkbund Estates in Europe being awarded the Label and wish
you every success as European Heritage Label site.
Yours sincerely,
Mariya Gabriel