Meeting of members of WERKBUND Estates working network in Vienna

The meeting took place on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of “Vienna’s Werkbund Estate” and its programme helped to coordinate future cooperation within the European framework. In addition to this, a thematic programme was put together with Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW) and Mr Herbert Medek, which served to further expand cooperation.

The following steps for the Werkbund site network were agreed upon, being based on the requirements for obtaining an EHL award:
· a joint information pamphlet in all the network’s languages (German, Polish, Czech and also English)
· creation of a joint logo for the network as part of a summer school in Vienna in cooperation with arts-oriented universities in Werkbund locations (2023)
· a timeline for regular annual meetings focusing on specific issues of site management (e.g. restoration of public space, heritage requirements for building renovations, etc.), specifically 2023 Brno, 2024 Zurich, 2025 Prague, 2026 Wrocław, 2027 Stuttgart
· connecting the websites of the individual locations to each other and with the EHL website

Attendees were invited to the next meeting of the Werkbund site working network, which will take place in autumn 2023 in Brno.