Meeting of members of the WERKBUND site working group in Brno

Giving the opening speech and a presentation of the Weissenhof site on the topic of “Transformations of Structures over Time and their Perception in the Eyes of the Public” was Herbert Medek, the project’s leading partner, appointed by the City of Stuttgart (UNESCO/Weissenhof). After that, representatives of Brno (Martin Zedníček, head of the Brno City Hall Heritage Department) presented the residential complex of the New Housing Estate. As with Prague’s Baba, the case of Brno’s Estate is, unlike the other sites, an ensemble of single-family homes in an urban heritage zone that are privately owned. This results in a similar legislative system and degree of heritage protection in the urban heritage zone, including the process for issuing binding opinions on structural modifications to the homes.

The presentation of the Baba site by representatives of the Prague City Hall Heritage Department was highly progressive in terms of implementation and fulfilment of specific activities, not just those from the timeline of activities for after obtaining the EHL (the batch of Baba1932 activities for primary and secondary school students being produced), but also from the objectives of the conceptual study for revitalisation of Baba, with the launch of two interactive info panels at new public transport stops with information content from the Baba1932 website and a video presentation by students of West Bohemia’s Sutnarka being a sign of success. Prague is thus clearly the farthest along of all the sites in collaborating with the young generation, which is getting involved in implementation of Baba1932 activities as part of active cooperation with schools. A particular successful result is the aforementioned Baba1932 video presentation by students of the Jaroslav[MA1]  Sutnar Design Department at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň. Representatives of the Viennese site of Lainz dealt extensively with the new system for heating four residential buildings, coming to the conclusion that the ideal variant, both in energy terms and in heritage terms, is a ground source heat pump. This sparked a debate on the use of energy resources in the EU and in conclusion a topic was thus established for the next meeting in 2024: energy options and alternative sources for heating and insulation in Werkbund residential complexes.

The next meetings of Werkbund site managers should take place as follows: 2024 Zurich, 2025 Prague, 2026 Wrocław, 2027 Stuttgart – to be confirmed.

collaboration with Pražské humanitní gymnázium on producing a set of activities for the senior years of primary schools and secondary schools with student participation (guided tour of the site, worksheets, manual for teachers, etc.)


 [MA1]!!! Ladislav